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ArcGIS Pro 3.0/3.1/3.2








v.2.0.12 (Beta)

Release date: 06.07.2023

  • Ground Model now remembers your last viewed position when you save a project. When you reopen the project, it automatically resumes from the same view,

  • We have addressed the issues related to toolbar icons when using dark mode.

  • You can now customize and fine-tune seismic settings on a survey level.

v.2.0.8 (Beta)

Release date: 12.06.2023


Release date: 29.11.2022

New features:

  • A new cloud-based licensing system has been implemented. See documentation for more information.

  • A new Copy Seismic Rasters tool makes it easy to copy rasters from/to a gdb or file folder

  • Rasters with alpha channel (opacity) is now supported

  • Clicking a map also activates the corresponding Geocap viewer

  • The selection cursor is now more visible and contains more information.

  • Labels are now supported for all geometry types.

  • AGS

    • The AGS reader has seen several improvements that make it easier to track down issues in the AGS file itself. The reader will now report more exact information on the location in the file that is causing problems.

    • You can now choose which columns in the LOCA group will be used as (X, Y ) coordinates. Most files use the NATN/NATE columns but some use the LOCX/LOCY pairs.

    • The reader now lets you determine what action to take if coordinates or values are missing, such as cancelling the import, skip values etc.

    • Ability to detect top/base columns dynamically also for user-defined groups defined in the DICT table that fall outside the standard schema.

    • The viewer/table-of-contents will not perform a query on tables for which a given log (LOCA_ID) does not exist, which improves performance and leads to less clutter in the TOC.

    • The viewer will automatically adjust column widths also for columns that show curve data. This is required when the LOCA_ID log name is wider than usual

    • Cursor tracking in the viewer is now supported also for interval-style logs like interpretations, not just curve-style logs.

  • Seismics

    • The SEG-Y reader now supports SEG-Y files with integer-based sample values (SEG-Y data format code 2)

    • SEG-Y supports using source elevation depth as navigation Z and setting any type of sample interval unit to override default microseconds.

    • SEG-Y reader creates feature classes of SchemaVersion4, where sample interval and sample unit are copied as-is from SEG-Y file.

    • SEG-Y reader supports appending to existing feature class (tip: Just paste path to FC into the "target workspace" field and press Tab

    • SEG-Y reader supports Lag time A and B

    • SEG-Y reader supports different sample units both in depth and time

    • SEG-Y scanner supports mute start /end time

Bugfixes since previous release:

·       Ground Model no longer crashes if exited without creating a TOC

·       Ground Model no longer crashes when switching to map with hidden Geocap viewer.

·       Measuring tool now working in 2D viewer

·       Horizon intersection properly displayed in 2D Scene

·       Horizon intersection is shown in the log viewer

·       Z-scale updates correctly according to active scene

·       Buffer clip data correctly displayed in Geocap TOC

·       Occasional seismic LOD 3D scene update fail fixed

·        Correct Z values in 2D scene for data draped over a grid (e.g Sidescan, set elevation=bathymetry)

·       Missing raster histogram/stats working

·       Stability improvements

·       TOC handling improved, including fixed issues with disappearing TOC

·       Performing buffer clipping does not remove any existing data in the TOC. Remove manually before clipping if needed

·       Histogram is recalculated if the user sets up 8- or 16-bit raster output

·       Buttons grayed out in the toolbar are now accessible

·       Z-value supported also for point symbols

·       2D seismic cursor shown in map after map rename

·       Special characters handled in data path

·       The previous versions of the AGS reader misinterpreted the top-bottom columns for certain groups having SAMP_TOP + SPEC_DPTH columns. Specifically the SAMP_TOP/SPEC_DPTH values were used instead of SPEC_DPTH/SPEC_BASE. This would to error in the resulting geometry. The new version of the AGS reader fixes this and as noted above is also able to detect top/bottom intervals for user defined. Currently the only way to fix this is to re-import the AGS files. We may soon provide a tool that repairs geometry in feature classes for AGS files that have been imported. This error only applies to a subset of the interval-style tables that typically have interpretations etc within a top/bottom interval, not the scalar-measurement class of tables that show up as curves in the display.

·       SEG-Y reader. When reading 16- or 8 -bit seismics the histogram would still be keeping the 32-bit statistics leading to color mismatch during display. This is now recalculated correctly. To fix this either re-import or repair using the Update Seismic Histogram tool. Note that this tool will take a while. This only applies to 16-bit or 8-bit imports, not the usual 32-bit float.



Release date: 14.10.2022

Bug-fix release


Release date: 04.10.2022
Bug-fix release


Release date: 17.08.2022
Bug-fix release


Release date: 13.05.2022
The first official release