Getting started

When Ground Model has been installed and a valid license has been obtained, you are ready to start using the add-in.

User interface overview

The Ground Model add-in consist of four different components:

  1. The Ground Model Ribbon along the top edge of ArcGIS Pro, which contains a series of buttons for interacting with the data and viewers.

  2. The Ground Model Viewer, which contains 3D Scenes, Cross Section Viewers and Log Viewers. The viewer will be opened underneath the map, but can be moved around as a regular map window.

  3. The Ground Model Contents pane, which contains all data that can be shown in the Ground Model Viewer. This is where you turn elements on and off and adjust the display settings of data.

  4. The Ground Model Toolbox, which contains a series of geoprocessing tools to read and manipulate data. The toolbox can be found as Ground Model alongside the rest of the toolboxes in ArcGIS Pro.


Start a Ground Model project

A Ground Model project is seamlessly integrated within your ArcGIS Pro project, eliminating the need for a separate Ground Model project. Instead, all Ground Model viewers, content, and settings are saved within your ArcGIS Pro project.

To begin, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Ground Model Tab and click on New Viewer This action will open a new blank window below your Map window. It's important to note that only one viewer can be associated with a map at a time.

  2. On the Ground Model Tab click Add Data From Map. This will load all contents of the map in to the Ground Model Table of Content pane.

  3. Within the Ground Model Viewer, navigate to the 3D Scene tab and ensure that the text is displayed in blue. This signifies that the window has been selected.

  4. To display data in the 3D Scene, simply enable the desired checkboxes in the Ground Model Contents pane.

  5. Save your work by clicking the save button located in the top left corner of the ArcGIS Pro interface.

Open an existing Ground Model project

  1. Start ArcGIS Pro and open the Pro project containing the Ground Model project.

  2. The Ground Model Viewer should open up with the display you had when you last saved thed project.