Create and publish 3D Web Scenes

This tutorial will guide you through the process of extracting seismic data and producing 3D Web Scenes which can be viewed in ArcGIS Online. The tutorial assumes that you already have already read the seismic data. 

Extracting seismic lines and seismic section

  1. Run the tool Extract Seismic Line or Extract Seismic Section (see: Extracting seismic data). Use .png as output raster and 24bit RGB as pixel format
  2. The tool will produce an outline feature class with a associated image on disk.

Converting seismic to multipatch

  1. Run the tool Seismic to Multipatch
  2. Use the outline feature class produced in the previous tool as input and select one of the associated outlines.
  3. The tool will produce a multipatch and store it in the same file geodatabase as the outline feature class.

Exporting 3D subsurface model to 3D Web Scene

Esri's white paper on Exporting ArcScene™ Documents to 3D Web Scenes

  1. Open ArcScene
  2. Add one or more seismic multipatches to the Table of Content
  3. Add additional data to the Table of Content, like elevation raster, well paths etc. (Note that lines and points needs to have 3D symbolization)
  4. Click on the Area Of Interest icon on the toolbar and make sure it covers your scene
  5. Press Enter
  6. Save your ArcScene document
  7. Run the Export To 3D Web Scene tool
  8. The .3ws file will be stored on disk

Uploading 3D Web Scene to ArcGIS Online

  1. In ArcGIS Online go to My Content
  2. Click Add element > From computer
  3. Browse for the .3ws file, fill out the rest and click add element

Viewing 3D Web Scene in ArcGIS Online

  1. Click on the appropriate uploaded 3D Web Scene
  2. Click Open > Show applictaion

It is also possible to view the 3D Web Scenes locally. See page 6 in Esri's white paper on Exporting ArcScene™ Documents to 3D Web Scenes