Installing on Linux

Geocap does not officially support Linux


GLIBC higher than 2.4. You can check this value by input command:

  1. (for 32bit operating system) strings /lib/ | grep GLIBC
  2. (for 64bit operating system) strings /lib64/ | grep GLIBC
  3. Make sure 32-bit running libraries is installed even if the 64bit operating system is the target system.


We use 64bit Geocap as an example (Geocap-4.3-Linux-x86-64bit-Install).

  1. chmod +x Geocap-4.3-Linux-x86-64bit-Install;
  2. ./Geocap-4.3-Linux-x86-64bit-Install.
  3. Open a new command window or run "source .bashrc" to effect the environmental variable.
  4. Run geocap/run-geocap, and input the license file.
  5. If this is the first time Geocap is installed you will need to run ${GEOCAP_INSTALLDIR}/bin/initialize as superuser.
  6. Run geocap/run-geocap.

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