Geocap 7.2 Release Notes

About this release

Geocap 7.2 is succeeding Geocap 7.1.5

Updated releases


Release Date 7.2.4


Changes 7.2.4
  • Bug fix: Merge Surfaces crash when no surfaces selected.
  • Bug fix: Cross Section window crash when seismic line used as cross section.
Distribution 7.2.4

Download 32- or 64-bit.


Release Date 7.2.3


Changes 7.2.3
  • Edit Well Tops: Export to .csv and rename of existing well top added.
  • Add Datasource: Legacy ArcSDE option removed.
  • Bug fix: Generate equidistance line when baselines have shared base points.
  • Bug fix: Rotation of Seismic Cubes after conversion to 3D Structured Points (Make Active).
  • Bug fix: Amplitude values of Seismic Brick Cubes after conversion to 3D Structured Points (Make Active).
  • Bug fix: SEG-Y 2D Import and shot point decimation.
  • Bug fix: General memory leak.
Distribution 7.2.3

Download 32- or 64-bit.


Release Date 7.2.2


Changes 7.2.2
  • Import SEG-Y: unsigned 16-bit values supported.
  • Import Generic: option to import Shape File line attributes as point attributes.
  • Improved gridding with faults.
  • Bug fix: reading native color tables.
  • Bug fix: issue with LOD grids overriding subsequent colour map range for command cco in connection with Tab.
  • Bug fix: Depth type and Depth byte position not correctly initialized.
  • Special handling of Velocity profile to avoid deleting all actors when using script Actor Manipulator.
Distribution 7.2.2

Download 32- or 64-bit.


Release Date 7.2.1


Changes 7.2.1
  • Qt warning removed from well display dialog.
  • Allow for negative KB and WD when creating wells.
  • Fixed issue with LOD grids overriding subsequent colour map range for command cco.
  • Do not interpolate scalars unless specified by argument interp to command map.
  • Miscellaneous improvements.
Distribution 7.2.1

Download 32- or 64-bit.

Release Date

Release distribution

Geocap 7.2 is available for download:


Clients with a valid maintenance agreement can use their existing license files with the 7.2 release. If you do not have a valid license, send an email to: To install a new license file see our FAQ page and the document Installing on Windows.

After installing Geocap 7.2 you will need to initialize the license as follows:

Windows 7:
> All Programs > Geocap 7.2.0 - xx  > Licensing and right-click Initialize 7.2, then click Run as Administrator

Windows 8.1:
Start screen > Apps view > Search for 'Geocap'. Right-click Initialize 7.2, then click Run as Administrator

Windows 10:
> Geocap 7.2.0 - xx  > and right-click Initialize 7.2, then click Run as administrator.

Supported operating systems

Geocap 7.2 runs on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

Both 32bit and 64bit versions of Geocap 7.2 can be installed at the same time and projects can be used in both versions. In order to use the DataLink for ArcGIS you need to run the 32bit version. Consult this Microsoft support page to figure out which Windows version you are running. 

What's NOT in this release?

Three main issues remain unsolved in this release:

  1. Native support for high DPI displays (4k monitors). Please take a moment to read this page.
  2. Vtk 64 bit addressing.
  3. Windows 10 version 1803. We appreciate your feedback regarding Geocap 7.2 and this version of Windows 10.

We expect these issues to be resolved in the next release.


 Oil & Gas

Generic Reader: ASCII XYZ Raster reader automatically skips header part of file.

Data Calculator: Grid input Min(N), Max(N), and Mean(N) added. This facilitate calculation of rugosity.

Geodesy: New datum ETRS 1989.

Geodesy: New coordinate system NTM.

Geodesy: Number of visible decimals in widget increased to 6.

Gridding: Additional radius options.

SEG-Y Reader: Depth information in 2d SEG-Y files handled by additional settings in the import dialog.

SEG-Y Reader: Auxilliary record for 2d SEG-Y files. Allows for example both SP and CDP to be read and stored.

New project command: project clearhistory. Clears existing history.

Various fixes for cube contours, cube modelling, and the acm command.


Automatically update history after

  • Copy and Paste of Bathymetric Profiles and their children.
  • Rename of FOS points or their parents

Update attributes Profile, Analysis, and Point Name after rename of FOS point or its parents

New project command: project updatebathyhistory. Updates history of Bathymetric Profiles and their children. 


Extract Soundings: bug fix.

  Ground Model

Gridding: available directly from Ihorizons.

Seismic Subset: better handling of subset from folder.

 DataLink for ArcGIS

ArcGIS 10.6: Supported ArcGIS versions are 10.0 through 10.6.