Geocap 4.3.36 Release Notes

Bug fixes

  • g98 reader: The latest version of Etopo1 (.g98 format) will now import without any probems. The Etopo1 grid is a grid with bathymetry/Topology covering the entire world. (
  • gshhs reader: GSHHS data version 2.0 (.h format) will now import without any problems. The GSHHS files are datasets contain lines and polygons for the Coast line, country borders and rivers covering the entire world. (
  • Function command object will now handle undefined values in grids correctly.
  • Seismic Subset: handle values larger than 99999; random line generation improved; generation of Seismic 2D line ("Slice") from 3D crossline fixed.
  • GIM: surface rotation (surface flip) fixed.

Known issues

  • Linux 64 : Fails to connect to ArcSDE
  • Linux : No Oracle support.
  • Closing undocked panels (e.g. Profile analysis) may cause Geocap to crash. Make sure your panels are docked before closing them.We are currently working on a solution to this.