Geocap for ArcGIS

About Geocap for ArcGIS

Geocap for ArcGIS is a suite of extensions and tools for the ArcGIS platform to support management and visualization of subsurface data.

The extensions provided by Geocap for ArcGIS are:

  • 3D Explorer. This extension adds 3D visualization to ArcMap. Map data in your table of contents are displayed in a dedicated 3D window embedded in the ArcMap interface.
  • Seismic Explorer. Read and visualize seismic data in ArcMap as well as perform extraction of seismic data. This extension is built on top of the 3D Explorer extension.
  • Geocap Petrel Plugin. A Petrel plugin for easily converting Petrel data wells and logs to ArcGIS format.
  • ZGY Tool. A standalone tool for reading Petrel ZGY files and create live trace feature polygons that show exact seismic coverage. Prepare your ZGY file for web based 3D visualization using the Seismic Server.
  • Seismic Server. An extension to ArcGIS Server that serves seismic data. View subsurface data like seismics, well, logs and surfaces in 3D in the web browser.
  • Maritime Limits and Boundaries. Calculate maritime zones in accordance with United Nations Law of the Sea art. 76.