Subsurface Portal for ArcGIS


The Geocap Seismic Server extends ArcGIS Server with the capability of serving seismic data, including 2D lines and 3D volumes.  The data can be accessed by almost any client, such as a web browser, using a dedicated REST API or the Geocap Javascript SDK.

The Seismic Server is technically a Server Object Extension (SOE) and can easily be installed as an extension to an existing ArcGIS Server. This way the Seismic Server leverages the full power of ArcGIS Server with only a minium of additional installation and configuration.


Seismic Server requires ArcGIS Server 10.3 or later. Also, to convert seismic data to ArcGIS format one of the following tools should be employed:

  • Geocap Seismic Explorer for ArcMap or Ground Model for ArcGIS Pro
  • Geocap ZGY tool for converting Petrel ZGY files to ArcGIS format.
  • The Geocap GIS Data Link for Petrel which exports subsurface data to ArcGIS .

How to acquire the Seismic Server

Please contact for details on how to acquire the Seismic Server and the web client.


The Seismic Server will be delivered as a Server Object Extension (SOE) file. To intall this file on the ArcGIS server:

  1. Open the ArcGIS Server administration page, etc
  2. Click the Sites page
  3. Click  Extensions item on the left side of the page.
  4. Click Add Extension and select the seismic server .soe file