Seismic Interpretation

The Ground Model addin facilitates basic seismic interpretation. Initially, a seismic feature class must be generated to enable the process.

1.Create a Seismic Interpretation Feature Class

  • Open the Ground Model Toolbox and access the 'Create Seismic Interpretation Feature Class' geoprocessing tool.

  • Specify the seismic survey for interpretation under 'Seismic Lines.'

  • Choose a name for the horizon under 'Feature Class Name.'

  • By default, the seismic interpretation feature class will be stored in the same database as your seismic survey.

When the seismic interpretation class has been created the next step is to start the interpretation.

2.Initiate Seismic Section Interpretation

  • Select the cross-section viewer and display the desired seismic line for interpretation, ensuring it belongs to the specified seismic survey.

  • In the Ground Model Contents pane, mark the checkbox corresponding to your Interpretation feature class.

  • Right-click your Interpretation feature class in the Ground Model Contents pane and select 'Set as Interpretation Horizon.' Ensure the feature class's name is visible in the header of the cross-section window.

  • Locate the ‘Interpretation' section on the Ground Model Toolbar. Select which interpretation mode you would like to work in. If an autotracking mode is selected, also select if you would like to autotrack min/max amplitude or zero crossing. Click ‘Interpret’ to start interpreting.

3.Conduct Interpretation

  • To pick the seismic interpretation horizon, click once on the desired point in the cross-section viewer. When in *No Autotracking' mode, clicking again will establish a connection with the previous point. Double-click to halt the interpretation. To continue the interpretation without connecting to the previous point, click a new location in the cross-section.*Autotracking left/right/left and right' will autotrack until existing interpretation within the same fc is met. The autotracked lines are corrected by clicking on the reflector you would like the interpretation lines to be snapped to. ‘Autotrack internal’ will autotrack between two given points.

  • If a new interpretation is inserted above or below existing ones within the same feature class on the seismic cross-section, the new interpretations will automatically align with the nearby interpretations.

  • Click OK to save your interpretation and exit interpretation mode.