Graphics Card Configuration

For the optimal use of the interactive graphics features of the Geocap software it is crucial that:

  • The graphics hardware being used is powerful enough and meets the minimum requirements.
  • Windows Remote desktop or similar software is not being used.  
  • Up to date graphics drivers have been installed for all the graphics cards in the computer(laptops usually have two graphics cards/adapters).
  • Windows have been configured correctly in regards to the automatic power saving switching between graphics cards.

Please check the OpenGL version being used as described bellow. If the OpenGL version is less than 3.x then one or more of the issues above is usually the cause. 

We recommend getting the latest versions of graphics card drivers directly from the hardware vendors NVIDIAAMD and Intel. Please consult the particular vendors support for installation instructions.

Computers with two graphics cards are becoming increasingly common. For running advanced visualization it is crucial to use the high performance card. Sometimes in Windows we must explicitly select which graphics cards should be used on a per application basis.

Please note that running your computer on battery power may force the low performance graphics card to be used by the computer.

Check which graphics card Geocap For ArcGIS is using:

  1. Click Help >About Geocap For ArcGIS... in the Geocap 3D Explorer toolbar.
  2. In the new dialog that pops up you should be able to see which graphics card Geocap is using. i.e

    OpenGL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    OpenGL Version: 4.4.0 NVIDIA 345.20
    OpenGL Renderer: Quadro 2000M/PCIe/SSE2

Specify which graphics card Geocap should use:

Geocap For ArcGIS runs within ArcMap and ArcScene, so these applications must be configured to use the highest available graphics performance settings at all times. So ArcMap or ArcScene must be selected in the configurations bellow. They are typically called something like "ESRI ArcGis / ArcView (ESRI ArcMap)".

  1. Right Click on the Windows Desktop.
  2. Select Nvidia Control Panel.
  3. Select 3D Settings -> Manage 3D Settings.
  4. Select Program Settings.
  5. Under 1. Select a program to customize or add it manually if it is not on the list.
  6. Under 2. Select the preferred graphics processor for this program: select High performance NVIDIA processor.
  7. Select Apply.
  1. Right Click on the Windows Desktop.
  2. Select Configure Switchable Graphics.
  3. From the Recent Applications list select the software and switch to High Performance.
  4. Select Apply.

If high performance graphics is still not being used by Geocap for ArcGIS, then try this:

  1. Right Click on the Windows Desktop.
  2. Select Graphics Properties.
  3. Select Power.
  4. Select Swithcable Graphics Method.
  5. Select Select Graphics Prosessor Manually.
  6. Select Apply.