Geocap 7.1.2 Release Notes

About this release

Release Date

Release distribution

Geocap 7.1.2 is available from to all clients under paid maintenance agreement. 
Please note that you will need a user account to access this page. If you do not already have one, send an email to:


To install a new license file see our FAQ page and the document Installing on Windows. You do not need a new license if you already have a working Geocap 7.0 license installed.

If you are installing a Geocap 7.x series release for the first time you will need to initialize the license as follows:

Windows 7:
> All Programs > Geocap 7.1.x - xx  > Licensing and right-click Initialize 7.1, then click Run as Administrator

Windows 8.1:
Start screen > Apps view > Search for 'Geocap'. Right-click Initialize 7.1, then click Run as Administrator

Windows 10:
> All apps > Geocap 7.1.x - xx  > and right-click Initialize 7.1, then click Run as administrator.

Supported operating systems

Geocap 7.1.2 runs on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. It has also been test installed and run on Windows 10.

Both 32bit and 64bit versions of Geocap 7.1.2 are available on our download page. Both versions can be installed at the same time and projects can be used in both versions. In order to use the DataLink for ArcGIS you need to run the 32bit version. Consult this Microsoft support page to figure out which system type your are running on.


Import > Generic supports reading of grids on ASCII xyz format. In previous releases this would involve reading as points and gridding.

New import command ASCII Well Headers typically used for importing wells from well header spreadsheet file.

Command Import > ASCII (column):

  • Tab character as column separator.
  • Region settings for number formats option.

Table View for all well data (Path, Log, Well Tops) shows MD, TVDSS, and TWT when available.

Command Display Well Tops benefits from more options such as annotation of well top name and point display in well top color.

Command Edit Well Tops performs better and updates all columns.

Option Convert for feet to meter (or vice versa) included in all relevant well- and log import commands.


New command Create geodetic line.

Table View for Structured Points shows selected table cells as points in Graphic Window.

New geographic Distance Calculation method.


Print echo sounder number and echo sounder type when importing Eiva sbd files.

Command Display Multibeam Data show file name in first position of navigation line.

Update to XSE multibeam format.

  Ground Model

Seismic Interpretation:

  • New auto-track algorithm using interpolation for smoother result.
  • Auto update stop criteria.
  • Allow for user input in microseconds

 DataLink for ArcGIS

ArcGIS 10.4 is now handled by the DataLink. Supported ArcGIS versions are 10.0 through 10.4.

DataLink exports data using default domain, resolution and tolerance for spatial reference.

Bug fixes

The following are issues with previous Geocap versions. These have been resolved in Version 7.1.2. 

  • Command lod map failed in connection with display of color legend.
  • Command lod map contour_values failed when the number of levels where larger than 32.
  • Command tub: invalidated project dataset coordinates.

  • Flight Tour: Loop flight tour did not create a continuous tour between start and stop.

  • Seismic Operations > Seismic Subset: failed for on-shore seismic (rounding error for negative Z).
  • Cross Section Window did not display seismic lines.
  • Import > SEG-Y 2D: Vector<T> too long error message was not handled properly.
  • Import > ASCII (column): failed if the region settings format was set to use . as the digit grouping symbol.
  • Import > LAS: did not handle keywords MD and DEPT.
  • Import Multibeam Sonar Data: error reading GSF files with swath, gyro and navigation data only.
  • Eiva:
    • Fix for Reson Seabat 7125 import.
    • Fix for meridian correction.
    • Fix for beam angle datagram in SBD files.
  • Simrad:
    • Fix for reading Kongsberg Raw range.
    • Fix for EM2040 Dual RX.

Known issues

High DPI Displays have increased pixel density compared to standard DPI displays. They are known as 4K and the resolution is typically 3,840 x 2,160. The Geocap user interface is not compatible with 4K monitors; the user may experience tiny icons and squashed dialog items. We are committed to solving this issue in an upcoming release.

You may see the error message The license file does not have the feature: geocap 7.1. This is misleading as there are no 7.1 features for Geocap; the message indicates an invalid or uninitialized license. Existing Geocap users should be fine as the license for 7.1.1 continues unchanged for Geocap 7.1.2.