Geocap 4.3.26 Release Notes

New features

  • Script support for Postscript Patterns
  • Support for User scripts


  • GIM code has been updated
  • IHorizon Edit has a new check box for deletion of empty pick groups.

Bug fixes

  • Shape export of point data. The export would crash in some cases. Bug has been fixed.
  • LOD Grid bug has been fixed.
  • Seismic Display 3D user interface when inline/crossline step > 1.
  • Seismic Subset user interface.
  • Seismic Subset random line creation when inline/crossline step > 1
  • IHorizon operations and COs with empty pick groups

Known issues

  • Linux 64 : Fails to connect to ArcSDE
  • Linux : No Oracle support.
  • Closing undocked panels (e.g. Profile analysis) may cause Geocap to crash. Make sure your panels are docked before closing them.We are currently working on a solution to this.