Geocap 8.0 Release Notes


Geocap8 is the result of us trying to improve your Geocap experience. This Release Note is a brief summary of what has changed.

Geocap8 is succeeding Geocap 7.2.4

Updated releases


Release Date 8.0.7
Jan 13, 2023
Changes 8.0.7
  • Fixed old GUI style in previous version


Geocap - 8.0.7- 64bit
Geocap - 8.0.7- 32bit


Release Date 8.0.6
Oct 13, 2022
Changes 8.0.6
  • Bug fix: Chrash when copying bathymetric profiles to another folder

  • Other minor fixes


Release Date 8.0.4

Jun 10, 2021

Changes 8.0.4
  • Point Cloud Import re-implemented. This to solve a possible problem that is not reproducible by us.

  • Bug fix: Issue: Attributes license check uses deprecated feature

  • Bug fix: Issue: Seismic Cube conversion from 3D Structured Points yields incorrect rotation

  • Bug fix: Issue: Well Tops display show well tops in depth when Time is selected

  • Bug fix: Issue: Export to Shape file results in duplication of points

  • Bug fix: Issue: FOSpoints Lat/Lon field data have low resolution; too few decimals

  • Bug fix: Issue: Georeferenced Images scale incorrectly when plotting to pre-defined sizes A3/A4

  • Bug fix: Issue: Renaming FOSpoints remove geodetic properties

Thanks to Mr. Scott Sweet and companies AllSite Geo, Kartverket, and ModelGeo for valuable input.

Distribution 8.0.4

Geocap8 is available for download:




Release Date 8.0.3

Apr 20, 2021

Changes 8.0.3
  • Image Geo Reference: Large crosshair cursor for better pixel positioning in image pick. Earlier smaller crosshair still available.

  • Bug fix: Issue 0000039: STO GRI <filename> writes to incorrect filename ”off” if grid is rotated

Distribution 8.0.3

Geocap8 is available for download:




Release Date 8.0.2

Mar 20, 2021

Changes 8.0.2
  • Issues with Intel GPU fixed. The problem occurred in display commands such as Map Sea. The message was Unable to initialize OpenGL!

  • Texture coordinates for LOD 2D Seismic Display now updated when needed.

  • Seismic Interpretation: revised default coincident topology.

  • Seismic Interpretation: additional checks for point consistency before display.

  • Qt warnings about setGeometry removed. Other similar warnings are likely to remain.

  • Handling of depth conversion of rotated cubes.

  • Updated shell commands MAK P and MAK G

  • Bug fix: Issue 0000037: Support special chars (e.g. æØ°å) in file names

  • Bug fix: Issue 0000035: Memory leak in MAK CSD

  • Bug fix: Issue 0000034: Crash in SUB LO with datasets of different types

  • Bug fix: Issue 0000030: Replace qopenfilename with QSAVEFILENAME

Distribution 8.0.2

Geocap8 is available for download:




Release Date 8.0.1

Dec 1, 2020

Changes 8.0.1
  • License software: Sentinel License Manager 9.6.0 with license tools.

  • Bug fix: Issue 0000033: Handle rotation angle comparison when angles are 'almost' equal

Distribution 8.0.1

Geocap8 is available for download:



Release Date

Nov 15, 2020

Release distribution

Geocap8 is available for download:



You need a new license!

Our licensing system has (like all other components in Geocap8) received an upgrade. This means that your existing license file for v7.2 or older will not work with the new release. Email Geocap Support at to receive your new license.

After installation, but before you start Geocap8 for the first time, you need to run the Initialize 8.0 app for license initialization.

The Initialize 8.0 app for license initialization.



Use Windows' taskbar search to locate Initialize 8.0. Right-click and select Run as administrator.

So, what else is new?

Large datasets: By using VTK with 64-bit addressing the ability to read and store large datasets has been greatly improved in Geocap8-64.

ArcGIS datalink: Geocap8-32 can be connected to any version of ArcGIS 10.0 through 10.8.

User interface: Upgrading Qt improves handling of high resolution monitors. A dual-screen setup with different screen resolutions should no longer be a problem.

If needed, modify dpi awareness in file bin/qt.conf in the Geocap installation directory:

WindowsArguments = dpiawareness=0, 1, or 2.

Project compatibility: Projects stored in version 7 loads directly in Geocap8. We do not recommend loading Geocap8 projects back into v7.2. If you plan to use both versions, best practice is to back up your projects before loading.

Performance improvements and bug fixes.