Geocap 4.3.24 Release Notes


  • GIM:
  • Seismic3D: Generate random line through a seismic 3D cube. Functionality is located in CO SeismicSubset.
  • SEG-Y Import: Proper handling of SEG-Y files with IBM floating-points; new check box in import dialogue lets user specify IBM floats. Additional Note: the new GIM databases are not compatible with the old GIM databases due to changes in the data structure.
  • The postscript plotting command psc is documented in the reference manual. Some new features like outline of text and dash lines are implemented.
  • A major work connected to Calculate time depth curve used in depth conversion curves is implemented in the Navigation module and documented in the online manual under Supplementary.

Bug fixes

  • Drainage area calculation is slightly reprogrammed for better memory handling to avoid a crash that could occur on some machines.

Known issues

  • Linux 64 : Fails to connect to ArcSDE
  • Linux : No Oracle support.
  • Closing undocked panels (e.g. Profile analysis) may cause Geocap to crash. Make sure your panels are docked before closing them.We are currently working on a solution to this.