Geocap 8.1 Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of version 8.1.x of our software, which brings a significant upgrade to our licensing model. With this release, we are introducing a user-based cloud-based licensing system, eliminating the need for node or dongle-locked licensing. This transition not only simplifies the licensing process but also enhances flexibility for our users. It's important to note that there are no changes in functionality between version 8.0.x and 8.1.x, ensuring a seamless transition for our valued customers.

For more information on how to obtain and use this licensing see:


Release date: Feb 5, 2024
Changes 8.1.7:
  • It is now possible to get offline licenses for computers which are never online.


Geocap - 8.1.7 - 64bit


Release date: Oct 16, 2023
Changes 8.1.5:
  • Licensing system now supports offline use


Geocap - 8.1.5 - 64bit


Release Date: Aug 18, 2023
Changes 8.1.4
  • Fixed issues with error messages during startup


Geocap - 8.1.4- 64bit