Geocap 4.3.34 Release Notes

New features

  • ConvertToSeismic3D: This new command object will convert a Cube (vtkStructuredPoints) to SeismicCube.
  • cal aiv - is a syntax for checking absolute increasing values in z, scalars or field data. Used to secure increasing stacking velocities.
  • Command object for area calculation of a two layer cross section. Operates on cross section data in a cross section folder.
  • Use shortcut 'n' to iterate all the seismic attribute when gim surface displayed in map mode, affeced ui inl. surface movie, surface interpretation and from list.
  • Surface tag system is available now. Users can tag interested surface during the surface movie and surface interactive display, the tagged surfaces can be used to: send to a new gim database; send to project manager; delete from original database and store in disk.
  • Support trough-inverse in the amplitude attribute generation.


  • Documentation updated i Shelf UNCLOS. (Maximizing outer limit, Digitizing new outer limit line)
  • Volumetric documentation updated. Describes volume calculation for a muiltilayer reservoir. Includes volume(area) versus depth curves.
  • Faster tacking.

Bux fixes

  • Navigation module: Displaying shot points and Making stacking velocity cells
  • Drainage area calculation was updated due to a rare occurrence of array overflow.
  • ASCII export can now set up export of columns which are not present in the selected dataset. This is the case when exporting from a folder.
  • Flight tour command object will now stop accurately at the last camera position.
  • ASCII column reader uses less memory during import of large files.
  • Velocity profiles which are used in the UNCLOS modules can now be generated from Vertical Calibrated Images (VCIs)
  • SeismicCube Delete

Known issues

  • Linux 64 : Fails to connect to ArcSDE
  • Linux : No Oracle support.
  • Closing undocked panels (e.g. Profile analysis) may cause Geocap to crash. Make sure your panels are docked before closing them.We are currently working on a solution to this.